Snoopy VUX

The Snoopy VUX combines high performance GNSS IMU position and attitude measurement unit with a laser scanner device to obtain three – dimensional point cloud information of structure such as high density and high precision ground surface and buildings.

The integrated GNSS IMU device adopts position and attitude in real time, corresponding to all GNSS such as GPS (USA), GLONASS (Russian), GALILEO (EU), Beidou (China), and QZSS (Japan). Furthermore, in post-processing calculation processing, not only kinematic baseline processing but also use VRS of state of art technology are made, and accuracy of position and orientation is optimized with high accuracy.


  • Survey-Grade Accuracy: 20mm @230 m 300 kHz 1 sigma

  • Dimensions/Weight: 227 x 180 x 125 mm Weight: 4.5 kg. (no antenna/battery)

  • Power Consumption: 16 Watts @ 100 scans/second Voltage Input: 11-34 VDC

  • Can speed up to 200 scans / second measurement rates up to 550,000 meas./sec (@ 550 kHz PRR & 360° FOV)

  • Field of View: Up to 360° for practically unrestricted data acquisition


  • Single Antenna Internal Storage: Lasts several days Virtually Unlimited Removal Storage

  • RIEGL VUX-1UAV: 5 target echoes, 100 scans/sec, max range 280m range, 200kHz

  • Quick Release Mount

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