Snoopy miniVUX

Snoopy MiniVUX-1UAV is a compact and lightweight scanner providing a fast scan rate and excellent accuracy. Based on the technology developed with the Reigl Vux-1UAV the MiniVUX was developed to allow a lighter weight compact solution better suited to a larger variety of UAV platforms.

Integrated with the Snoopy INS and LiDAR USA software this allows simple operation and a 360-degree scan for full data acquisition. Operated via the LiDAR USA IP App the Snoopy MiniVUX-1UAV can be set up and scanning in just a few minutes.

LiDAR USA also integrates with the MiniVUX-2UAV as well as the MiniVUX-1DL.

Both the miniVUX-1UAV and 2UAV can be used for vehicle mapping, backpack mapping and aerial. The MiniVUX-1DL is an aerial only scanner with is downward looking narrow view designed for corridor mapping of powerlines and pipeline assets.


  • Weight: 2.9kg

  • Scan Angle: 360-degree or 46-degree (1DL)

  • Accuracy: 15mm

  • Position: 10mm

  • Range: 120+ Meters

  • Points Per Square Meter: 50-100

  • External Storage: 128gb – 1TB

  • Operating Voltage: 10-30v DC

  • High Gains GNSS Antenna and mount – pairs with the IMU

  • Shock-absorbing Dampeners with mounting plate

  • Tactical Grade IMU, Data Logger, Control Box, Data Storage

  • RIEGL miniVUX-1UAV LiDAR sensor