LiDAR Australia

LiDAR Australia is based in Brisbane, Australia. We service both Australia and New Zealand markets for all things LiDAR. We provide aerial and photogrammetry survey solutions using Light Detection and Ranging (LiDAR) technology for data capture, modelling and interpretation of many environments.

LiDAR Australia is owned and operated by Innoflight International Pty Ltd, a UAV systems manufacturer. Innoflight has many years in the UAV surveying Industry manufacturing world leading aircraft & capturing LiDAR and Photogrammetry data around the world.

In 2020 LiDARUSA ( and Innoflight International officially announced a partnership to bring the full LiDARUSA range of products down under. Having worked together for 6 years prior to this announcement, both companies share the same core values to provide the best products and excellent customer support worldwide.

Strong partnerships with the top LiDAR sensor manufacturers around the world LiDAR Australia offer a variety of solutions for manned airborne, unmanned airborne and mobile uses as well as a comprehensive LiDAR surveying service operating various LiDAR/ Photogrammetry systems to meet job specific requirements.

Accuracy and reliability are at the forefront of all LiDAR Australia products, using LiDARUSA's custom INS/IMU systems and software allows nearly all the LiDAR Australia's scanners to be multi use between airborne and mobile applications maximising the return on investment.

We utilize LiDARUSA’s fully inhouse developed point cloud processing software (Scanlook PC) cutting out the middleman and high cost of third-party processing software providers. Scanlook is an intuitive program that has a wide variety of options to process data for all applications and uses including Control Point tying & pointcloud filtering. LiDARUSA’s own online cloud storage data viewing software is available to all customers for uploading and viewing data point clouds.

In 2021 Innoflight International and SP Collect ( collaborated to offer UAV/ Vehicle LIDAR collection services and support with data processing and classification for all Australasian customers. SP Collect operates both the Innoflight International Galaxy 950 and Andromeda 120 aircraft paired with various LiDARUSA scanners.

LiDAR Australia Services

  • LiDARUSA Sales & Support

  • UAV LiDAR Data Collections

  • Vehicle LiDAR Collections

  • UAV Photogrammetry Collections

  • Data Processing and Classification

  • Innoflight International UAV sales & Support

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